Mindfully Manifest Abundance – Invest In Your NOW

Mindfully Manifest Abundance – Invest In Your NOW

June 17, 2018 Off By Alessio Mauro


In today’s rapidly growing information age, the need to strengthen ones ability to stay focused and attentive couldn’t be more critical to surviving in the 21st century.  While easy access to an abundant amount of information is definitely a milestone in our evolution, the importance of controlling what information we allow ourselves to consume is becoming more and more critical to our overall mental and physical health.


The Devils in the Details.. Are You Paying Attention?


Ever have your brain “wake up” from a daze while driving somewhere?  Followed by the obvious question to yourself, “where did the last 10, 15, 20 minutes go”?   If you’ve ever encountered a situation like this lets just say you’re not alone.  The first couple times I realized this bizarre phenomenon was occurring to me, I chalked the experiences up as “Meh, must have been lost in thought the whole time, oh well” .  Fast forward and I now realize these so called blank memories were merely cloaked golden opportunities to improve future me.


Small Incremental Change Can Manifest Big Opportunity


The aha moment that had me at “hmmm” and question what triggers these unremembered portions of my day was when I made a small yet profoundly impacting change to my drive home one evening.  I literally experienced the exact opposite outcome I described above,  I remembered the whole commute from start to finish and could easily recollect the experiences and emotions I felt during it.


So what’s different, what changed?  Why was this commute so much different than the rest?  Continue reading on my friend…. 🙂


New Knowledge = New Experiences = New Opportunities


The simple answer is I changed my pattern.  Rather than turning to music, I turned to an audio book I’d been putting off.  The book was called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  At first I was hesitant to even start an audio book, “ugh, I’ve had a long day, mindless music sounds much better than an audio book”.  But for whatever reason I still moved forward and pressed play, I guess you could say I was already taking advantage of the power of now. 😉


The first few minutes of the book were primarily spent rolling my eyes and mocking the author as he told his personal story, but before I knew it I was hooked to the book as his personal story began to morph into my own.  The book was exactly what I needed to hear at that exact time in my life.


Not only did my commute experience change but so did my evening.  I ended up pondering what I had read throughout the night.



There are 2 primary factors that made me remember the experience so clearly;

  1. A change in what I normally do:  My brain woke up from auto pilot and start paying attention to the now, it was forced to record new memories and re-review perspectives previously made on old ones.
  2. I already had an emotional interest in the subject:  I was focused in the present moment simply because I had interest in the content being presented in that moment.  A desire to listen and a desire learn.


Interest + Emotion + Action = Memorable Experiences 


It’s important to spend your time doing what you love and working towards your “why”.  Create memories worth living for now vs waiting.  In reality, time is not on your side.  Cherish every moment you have doing the things you love. Ask yourself, what makes you genuinely smile?


Give future you an opportunity to vividly remember yourself in a light you want to see yourself in.  Invest in your today and reap the benefits of tomorrow’s memories.


Take advantage of reoccurring events in your life you’ve labeled as “boring” like your commute.  Is there any opportunity to make a small incremental change for the better?  Even dedicating 10 minutes a day to a positive activity such as walking, meditation or yoga will overtime create a better and happier version of future you.


Every Goal is Created Twice


Your thoughts and what you choose to incrementally invest your time and energy doing greatly impacts a now state you will experience sooner than you may realize.  Everyday day, every hour, every minute of every second you are making a decision on how you want to invest in YOU.


The day to day activities you choose to partake in inadvertently manifest abundance in all areas of your life at all times… always.  Make sure you are investing time in areas you care to manifest abundance in.  Time, mind and reality are a tricky little thing.  The speed and accuracy of your manifestation all depends on the energy and actions you put towards them.  The more time and energy you spend focusing on what you want the more you will attract what you need to get it.


Pay Attention, the World is Talking to You!


Try making a few small changes in your daily routine, changes that you can look back, remember, and be proud of.  Life is all about creating experiences, through experiences comes wisdom, through wisdom we can manifest abundance where we so choose.


Compound actions work the same way as compound interest.  Use it to your advantage.