Alchemy 101: Think it, Write it, Do it – How to Achieve Goals

Alchemy 101: Think it, Write it, Do it – How to Achieve Goals

June 10, 2018 Off By Alessio Mauro


Setting goals let alone even starting one can feel like an overwhelming undertaking.  “Where do I start? I don’t know enough yet, I can’t because of x or y, what if I fail?”.


I cannot tell you how many personal ideas I’ve watched sink into an abyss of endless excuses followed by a quick evaporation into nothingness all because I procrastinated and didn’t take that initial step.


I ask myself… “why?…. why, why, why do I continually let opportunity whisk away like a feather in the wind”?  There has to be a better way to stay focused, feed confidence, foster creativity while staying committed to driving steady towards my set goals.


Well the answer is, there is a better way!  All along I’ve used versions of this somewhat “magical” process many times over without even realizing it.   If I had only “intentionally” known….


Imagination to Manifestation


As a child I’d often find myself getting deeply lost into my own thoughts, creating detailed fantasy worlds while playing out mystical adventures full of danger, honor and valor.  I guess you could say I was a freelance daydreamer.  So it should come to no surprise that when I stumbled upon the world of Dungeons & Dragons as a youngin it was like love at first site.


What the heck is Dungeons & Dragons?  In short it’s a fantasy mid-evil era tabletop role playing game introduced to the world in 1974.  Each game required players and a Dungeon Master also known as a “DM”.


The DM was responsible for organizing the game and person in charge of creating adventures for fellow players to follow, think interactive storytelling. One of the main and most difficult challenges of a DM is maintaining a realistic timeline of events while adventuring through the imaginary world you created.


Mimic Bookshelf AD&D

3D printed & painted Mimic Bookcase. “Be aware of the information you consume” .


Being that I was already a proficient and skilled daydreamer, taking the role of a Dungeon Master in the world of D&D fit me like a pea in a pod.


“Okay great story but what does this have to do with achieving goals”?


The simple answer is everything.  The role of a Dungeon Master and the role of being in control of your own story follow the same basic principles, lets compare.


To create and deliver a successful interactive story like a Dungeon Master you must;

  • Have a plan:  You need a starting point and end point with set parameters to keep your players from veering from your story line.
  • Don’t expect things to go exactly as planned:  While you target a beginning and an end, you always have to take a flexible approach and keep an open mind to what’s in between, in other words, the journey. To get to your stories finale it must be dynamic enough to seamlessly integrate into multiple unforeseen scenarios your players may present and still have the ability to reach your stories end.
  • Focus on outcomes not expectations:  Focus on manifesting chapters within your story but do not set expectations on outcomes of said chapters.  Remember it’s all about the journey.  It’s your job as a DM to guide players to a specific place, its the players job to choose how they interact with the place.


“Through experience I’ve learned that focusing on an expectation will mindlessly lead you towards creating unexpected outcomes which push you away or slow you down from reaching your goal”.


Now lets compare creating an interactive story as a DM with achieving real life goals.  First you must;

  • Have a plan:  You need a place to start, a destination point, milestones and guidelines to keep yourself from veering from your end game (goal).
  • Don’t expect things to go exactly as planned: To reach your goal you must be flexible and opened minded enough to seamlessly integrate into multiple outcomes yet still reach the same destination point aka your goal.
  • Focus on outcomes not expectations: You must focus on manifesting outcomes that drive you closer to reaching your goal, think domino effect.  One outcome by default and design must lead to the next and so on.  Remember this is a journey, not a race to a destination.


Getting Started – Creating Your Own Story

Write it down!


First and foremost write down your goals!  Yes WRITE, not type.  Grab a notebook, pen and spill the beans, let it all out. Write up a list of your dreams aka goals and objectives. Tip:  Do your best to stay open-minded, do not talk  yourself out of writing a goal down because it looks or sounds too hard. There’s no limit other than the limits you put on yourself.  The vast majority of limits you encounter in your life are an illusion, a destructive figment of your own imagination.


Now that you have a full list of goals listed down it’s time for the next step,


imagery sprinkled with a little imagination 

For each goal you wrote down you will also connect an image.  One way that helps me choose an image to represent my goal is to close my eyes and put myself where I want to be, in other words meditate with a focus on what you want.


What do you see?


Once you’ve selected an image for your goal it’s time to start breathing life into into it.  Take a 3×5 note card or any manageable size piece of paper, on one side write in as few words as possible your goal followed by either a drawing or a picture of whatever image you thought of.  On the bottom of the card write the date you created the card.



Tip:  There’s no need to rush and create all your goal cards at once, it’s a journey 🙂  Take your time and invest what’s needed to create each card with love and care.


Finale ….. well… kinda


For your final step put the card in a place you frequent or see often.  Could be your bedroom, bathroom, car or wallet to name a few.  Now let the world and your subconscious take over from here.  Watch for signs and don’t be afraid to leap forward into the unknown, we all have to start somewhere.


Tip:  Don’t over plan, instead start taking action, let the journey take you to your destination.


Thanks for reading and happy goal hunting! Till next time…